About Us

Hi! I’m Aaron.

Aaron Johnson and Bananas the Cam-Op
(I’m the guy on the right.)

I have been making films since I was about 8 years old. Sadly, nearly all of the videos I made while I was a child and teenager are now lost, but I do have one production still from my first serious attempt at making a film with my friends:

The Pizza Guy

It was called The Pizza Guy, and it was about a dark, post-apocalyptic future where mercenaries are hired to battle roving bands of violent gangs in order to deliver pizzas. It was the most fun I had ever had, and it had me hooked. I knew my future had to be in film production.

Buddy Cop ShowI started Pretty Penny Productions in 2002, when I was an 18 years old college freshman. It began as sort of a hobby company which I used to make silly movies with my friends. My first feature-length film was about Abraham Lincoln (hence the whole “Penny” thing)  battling the Nazis. I also directed an 8-part public access comedy series called Buddy Cop Show that opened to a standing-room only crowd for its premiere at the Nickelodeon Theatre.

College Film ProductionBy the time I was a sophomore I was working my way through college on Hollywood film sets and producing commercials for local clients in my home town of Columbia, South Carolina. By the time I graduated I was already working full time running my own company! I was too young to know any better, so I decided to take it to the next level and officially register an LLC upon graduating in 2006.

On the Set of "The McManus Files"Since then I have produced hundreds of commercials, documentaries and films. I built and grew my company until I was managing about a dozen employees and dozens of freelancers. In time, I was producing commercials and documentaries for national clients including GE, United Way and the United States Army.


I have had a few other crazy adventures, here and there, like the time I ran for mayor of Columbia…

Aaron for Mayor

…and the web show I produced and co-hosted for years called Drinking in the Morning…

Drinking in the Morning

…and the film camera shop I opened with my friend and comedy partner, Grant Robertson.


Through my film work, I was able to see most of America and do a lot of interesting things. Then, quite suddenly, I decided that it was time to see the rest of the world, and so I headed off to Seoul, South Korea. I have since fallen in love with Asia and currently live in Saigon, Vietnam. I have developed native and expat contacts in the film industry throughout Asia and I love nothing more than helping people to develop professional cinematography and photography in the Far East.

In case you haven’t seen it, yet, here’s my current production reel:

If you are looking for someone to produce a film, commercial or documentary in Asia, then look no further. If you are a producer or filmmaker and you need a cinematographer, a location scout or manager, a fixer, an editor, or any sort of cinematic support in Asia, then I’m your man.

Contact me today and let’s get to work!

안녕, hẹn gặp lại, では、また。 and catch ya later!

-Aaron Johnson
Pretty Penny Productions